MMF BLOCKS (CL-117-20pcs)

MMF BLOCKS (CL-117-20pcs)

LARVAE COLLECTION KIT  (Professional Series)

LARVAE COLLECTION KIT (Professional Series)

MMF BLOCKS (CL-117-200pcs)

ENTA MMF BLOCKS is specially developed to tackle problematic stagnant water areas that breed mosquitoes. 

Content: 200pcs/box

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ENTA MMF BLOCKS is specially developed to tackle problematic stagnant water areas that breed mosquitoes. It will dissolve slowly in water and release MMF onto the water surface. Each block can last 1 month. Upon contact with water, MMF will self-spread and forms a transparent ultra-thin mono spread and layer on water surfaces. This mono-molecular layer has dual actions in curbing mosquito breeding cycle. 

1. Suffocate larval and pupal and making it difficult for mosquito larvae, pupae and emerging adults to attach to the water surface causing them to drown.

2. This transparent ultra-thin film lowers the surface tension of water. Female adults cannot lay eggs as they cannot land on the water surface. Lower surface tension will not enable mosquito eggs to float on water surface and it will sink. Sunken mosquito eggs would not hatch.

**Note: MMF products DO NOT CONTAIN stomach poison ingredients which mosquito need to ingest for it to work.

Each block last 1 month.

Coverage: 100m2

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